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What is Product-I? Who is Product-I for? Who is behind Product-I? What’s the big deal? Why do we need to generate impact reports anyway? Why do we need to use Product-I to generate impact reports? Why are there too many steps included to generate an impact report? How do I know that I’m correctly using Product-I? Why are there too many questions to answer to generate an impact report? What’s the point of all this anyway? This just takes too much time What if I’m lying? What if I use misrepresented data? I want a better, faster, more convenient platform to create my impact report. Why should I use Product-I?

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About Product-I

Product-I is a platform for Malaysians to learn and generate their social impact through the 5 impact management norms method by Impact Management Project. This initiative by Impact Malaysia focuses on our country’s very own development needs. Product-I users will be able to generate social impact reports focusing on local targets and indicators such as The Malaysian Plan, suggested indicators by the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM) and Product-I Network of Experts (PINE) consensus on Malaysia’s social impact targets and indicators. Apart from that, users will be able to locate other social impact projects taking place around the nation. Using Product-I, project owners can: - Easily create comprehensive and detailed social impact reports; - Locate and learn about other social impact initiatives around them; - Connect with other project owners to collaborate and improve their social impact initiatives, and; - Demonstrate their social impact work to grant and impact investment providers.

Impact Principles

Baseline and Case Study

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Risk and Mitigation

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Data Management - Processed Data

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Data Management - Case Studies

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Theory of Change

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An initiative under Impact Integrated that envisions a sustainable and measurable social impact ecosystem driven by youth to bring meaningful and lasting change in their communities.

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